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For this series of tester, we have three models: 48V10A, 48V20A and 72V20A. And for these models, the functions and operating methods are same; they have two kinds of operating mode: lead acid and lithium-ion batteries.

Here is the information for 72V20A tester:
 The product is adaptive control; it can be used for 1s-6s 12V lead acid battery or 3s-20s lithium-ion battery pack to do discharge test.
1. Dimensions: 150*170*450mm
2. Discharge current range: 1A~20A (can be adjusted)
3. Weight: 5KG
4. Voltage range
1) Lead acid: 12V-72V
2) Lithium-ion: 3s-20s
5. Discharge timing range: 0~99hours
1. All parameters can be monitored, including current, voltage, capacity, time and type of battery.
2. Don’t need external power supply
3. Suitable for lead acid battery and lithium-ion battery packs, automatically identify the series number of battery pack.
4. It will automatically store the test data when the power is off; prevent the test data from lost due to wrong operation.
5. It can test the PCB/PCM for lithium-ion battery pack.
6. Large screen of LCD display