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This 8-inch scooter motor is featured by high efficiency, being easy to install, low energy consumption, low noise, long mileage and superior water-resistant performance. It's light and easy to carry. It can be assembled onto wear-resistant tyres which offer strong grip, reduced riding vibration and improved riding comfort.It is especially suitable for small scooters and folding bikes.


Core Data

Position Front / Rear Motor
Nominal Voltage 36/48 V
Rated Power 180-350 W
RPM 630-900
Max Torque 17 N.m
Efficiency ≥ 80 %

Mounting Parameters

Brake Disc Brake
Weight 3.2 kg
Installation Widths 100mm
Max. Housing Diameter 200mm
Cabling Shaft Center, Right

Further Specifications

Cadence (Pulses/Cycle) Optional (6/1)
Reduction Ratio 1:1
Magnet Poles 30
Noise < 50 dB
Surface Treatment Black Painted, Light Black
Hall Sensor optional
Connector Waterproof

Tests & Certifications

Salt Spray Test 36/96
IP-Code IP 54
Certifications CE / ROHS