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With an integrated speed sensor, this mid-drive motor, which is compatible with standard bikes, has a rated power of 250-350W, a reduction ratio of 1: 21.9 and a maximum torque of 80 N.m, providing ideal power for vehicles. Light but strong and efficient, this motor greatly enhances riding comfort and is suitable for touring bikes and commuter bikes. This motor is black.

Core Data

Position Mid Motor
Construction Geared Motor
Nominal Voltage 36/48 V
Rated Power 250-350 W
RPM 70-90
Max Torque 80 N.m
Efficiency ≥ 80 %
PAS SENSOR Speed sensor
Shaft Standard JIS

Mounting Parameters

Weight 3.8 kg

Further Specifications

Cadence (Pulses/Cycle) N/A
Reduction Ratio 1:21.9
Magnet Poles 16
Noise < 55 dB
Hall Sensor optional
Connector Waterproof

Tests & Certifications

IP-Code IP 65
Certifications CE / EN 14764 / ROHS