1.3 finger with lever
2.Rust proof process
3.Waterproof effect
4.Stainless screws
5.Full Aluminum


3 finger with lever
Rust proof process
Waterproof effect
Stainless screws
Full Aluminum

Power Off switch optional professional German-owned factories switch component ,using a low pressure injection molding process 2 times package

1.color:The Aluminum color of lever can be to order

2.Material: Bracket and lever  are all  Alloy.

3.Switch: Hight quality switch can stand 50,000 times of fatigue tests at 60V and 1.0A

4.The bracket and lever of some products are interchangeable.This allows brakes with various   styles and dimensions to match different bicycle models and different brake's grasp distance.

5. Wire length: As your request

6. Connector: As your request

7. Line core: Two for mechanism,

8.Bracket height:83.2mm; Breadth of bracket:15mm; Lever length:127.3mm; Holding distance:103.5mm; Power distance: 29.5mm


    2 electrical wires for Mechanism:      

    I.The Red wire: switch

    II.The Blue wire: switch